Alicja Steiner, MD APC Testimonials

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Alicja Steiner, MD APC


“I have been a patient of Dr.Stiener's for 7+ years...She is a fantastic doctor, I would give her a score of 10 stars if I could​​​​​​ ”

Kimberly J.

“Overall, I liked Dr. Steiner's professionalism and knowledge. I would recommend her pain practice to anybody”

David H.

“Dr. Steiner and her staff have treated my pain with their pain management plan better than all the professional doctors and specialists combined. Their treatment and help to me, to manage until I can get a full recovery has been the best. Thank you, Dr. Steiner and your great team.
Never an issue.​​​​​​​ ”


I love Dr. Alicia S. She is nice and understanding. I prefer female doctors anyway. But her PA fellas are not friendly they are very cold .I had a horrible experience.


“ Alicja Steiner is an excellent, caring and compassionate doctor. Very knowledgeable and intelligent. She is a specialist in two areas. The office staff is also very friendly and easy to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Steiner.


“ I love Dr. Steiner, she has been treated my wife for over 4 years, she is very friendly with her patients, my wife visited many other providers, Dr. Steiner is the only doctor that helps my wife with black pain. The only negative is that some physical assistance needs to get more experience on how to deal with patents.


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