Physical Therapy & Sports Injuries Specialist

Alicja Steiner, MD

Pain Management Physician located in Banker's Hill, San Diego, CA

As a leading pain management specialist in Southern California, Dr. Steiner helps San Diego athletes of all levels recover from sports-related injuries using advanced physical therapy techniques to aid in healing and help prevent future injuries.

Physical Therapy and Sports Injuries Q & A

How does physical therapy help sports injuries?

Physical therapy has multiple goals in treating sports injuries, First, therapists focus on reducing acute pain so therapeutic exercises and daily activities can be performed without causing significant discomfort. Therapy also aids in recovery by gradually increasing the range of motion, flexibility and strength over time as the injured tissues heal. And finally, therapy can help you learn better ways of performing in your sport to help reduce recurrence of your injury.

How long does physical therapy take?

That depends on the extent of your injury and your body's ability to heal. Dr. Steiner will review your therapy plan during your evaluation.

What kinds of sports injuries can benefit from physical therapy?

Physical therapy can treat virtually all sports injuries, including injuries affecting the joints, muscles, and other soft tissues. Prior to beginning treatment, Dr. Steiner will perform a physical exam to understand the causes of your pain and the movements and activities that exacerbate it so she can custom-tailor a plan of therapy just for your needs.

Can physical therapy help all types of athletes?

Yes, physical therapy includes hundreds of exercises and techniques that can be customized to suit each athlete's injury, health, and medical needs. From professional athletes to school and amateur athletes to weekend warriors and older athletes, Dr. Steiner can provide treatments aimed achieving the best outcomes and recovery possible.

Can physical therapy be used to prevent injuries?

Yes, physical therapy can help amateur and professional athletes develop greater strength, flexibility, range of motion, stability and balance so they can “fine tune” their bodies for optimum performance in their sport of activity of choice. Therapy can be customized to focus on one or several groups of muscles involved in a specific sport to prevent falls and other injuries while also increasing agility.

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